Our company was established based on concept of "pollution-free, environmental friendly, high value added, no imitated easily, contribution to society and globalized" business.

This concept of initiation was also responsible for the company's name, REPCO; "R"esource "E"ngineering "P"roduction "CO"mpany. It was taken over as our mission to the present, and will be even to the future.

We started conducting the research of a substitute material of asbestos in 1979 as we had received governmental aid from Ministry of International Trade and Industry. As a consequence, we established the only dry ground mica processing plant in Bizen, Okayama, Japan.

The mica product "Repco Mica" is used for automotives, appliances, precision equipments, and building materials in a form of delaminated filler and reinforcement. Also, a new application development of mica is in progress as the applied technology is advancing.

In 2014, fortunately, we reached the 35th anniversary of foundation. We believe all are thanks to our customers and business partners who support us.

We are responsible to contribute to our society, through our business, where we commit to offer valuable quality to customers. We offer consistent product, service and quality, and earn trust from daily business activity, so we can build up sustainability on our business.

Our goal is to be necessary and grateful for the customers, suppliers, and community, so we make progression and development to our business continuously.

Representative Director
Masaaki Kotoda