Product Profile

Repco Mica

In late years, Mica is being recognized as a sheet reinforcement and used for various compound materials, in contrast to the traditional application of electric insulation. Therefore, Mica flake is put on the review as "traditional and innovative material". Mica is expected to expand its application field as a high functional filler and an eco-firendly material.

We have developed the delamination and classifying technology to maximize Mica flakes' aspect ratio efficiently. Additionaly, we studied the surface treatment technology depending on materials' matrix and developed new combined materials.

By applying those grinding technology of year's experience, we offer high purity and high aspect ratio Mica flakes through our integrated system of production from raw materials to finished product.

High Purity

The raw materials mined from the world's largest phlogopite mine are purified by elutriation to increase the purity.

High Aspect Ratio

Mica's most unique characteristic which makes it different from other mineral products is its scale-like, delaminated form.

Repco Mica is produced by using several kinds of grinding system according to the finished products' particle diameter to maximize the aspect ratio. As a result, we are able to provide a scale-like, delaminated filler with high aspect ratio.

High Performance

Repco Mica with high purity and high aspect ratio can give additional value to various industrial products as a functional filler. For instance, dimensional stability, heat resistance, and high rigidity can be given to plastics, coatings, and sealants, and contribute for customers to make valuable quality.